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What are the benefits of performing oral sex before fucking her juicy pussy?

For both men, and for call girls in Gurgaon, oral sex is a particular pleasure that cannot be compared with sexual intercourse. For partners, oral sex is an opportunity to reach a new level of relationship when a man trusts a woman’s dignity, and a woman lets him “into herself” even more.

During this process, a man receives a dominant role. In this case, the penis which serves as the main advantage of a man is in the spotlight. The tongue, mouth, and throat have a relief surface that cannot be compared with the tissues of the vagina. Oral sex with Gurgaon call girls is a great way to increase male self-esteem.

Poses in oral sex with call girls in Gurgaon

In oral sex, there are far fewer postures compared to the usual form of sex. However, there is an opportunity to relax well which directly depends on the posture and the chosen technique. First, consider the poses. Traditional is the easiest option when a man settles down comfortably in a lying position, and a woman kneels in front of him and at the same time caresses his genitals.

  • A rock – a man is on his knees, and a woman in a lying position between her partner’s legs sticks her head.
  • The king of the hill is another sitting pose for men, and the woman kneels between his legs.
  • The cable jack is a pose when a man and a woman caress each other’s genitals at the same time.
  • In a sitting position – the partner sits on a chair, and the woman kneels.
  • Deep gorge – a man should be located above the head of a woman who lies in front of him with her head thrown back.
  • In a standing position – a woman is sitting, and a partner is standing in front of her.

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Technics regarding oral sex

There are not only postures but also oral sex techniques. There are three poses in total with exciting but simple names.

Butterfly wings – stimulation with lips, and tongue of the area of ​​a thin fold under the “crown”. In this case, it is necessary to moisten it abundantly with saliva.

Vacuum cleaner – a woman uses her mouth like a vacuum. It is necessary to stretch her mouth while sucking without weakening the vacuum.

Eskimo – remember licking ice creams? She must do the same with dignity. To do this, she takes the penis in her hand with the head pulled back, and carefully lick the “crown” with her tongue, writing out various shapes. The intensity of movements depends on the desires and preferences of the partners.

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